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Overview of Business Connectivity Services

January 26, 2010
5:30 pmto7:00 pm

Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is an updated version of the Business Data Catalog (BDC) in Sharepoint 2010. The BCS is the easiest way to get data from your other systems into SharePoint. Best of all, it is considered a core service which means it’s even available in the WSS version of 2010. This session will provide an overview of the features of the BCS and cover how you can leverage them in your own organization.

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New Years Resolutions

During the 5 years this illustrious blog has been in existence I’ve averaged an amazing 5 posts per year. During that same period, I’ve changed blog engines 4 times, averaging slightly over 6 posts per blogging engine. I’ve also got more plugins running than you can imagine. What does this tell me? I like maintaining my blog more than I like to post on it.

I’ve tried to determine the reasons, and have come up with the following:

I like tech, just not writing about it – It’s not that I’m not paying attention to what’s going on, I’m doing more of that than ever, I’m just not producing any content. Part of that is I haven’t really found my online writing voice. I have a bunch of half-finished posts that just need a ‘few more words’. Just getting in the habit of getting something out there more frequently should help.

Work topics – Most things have been related to the technologies that I’m using at work. If I solve a big problem or come up with something cool at work, I usually don’t want to go home and write about it.

Code Complete – The internet is a scary place for code…if you post it someone might actually use it! I’ve got a group of posts where I have some code done for them, but it isn’t very pretty. I think I’ll just put a scary warning on all my posts that the code probably didn’t ever work and if it did it’ll delete everything on your machine.

My 2010 resolution? How about posting on this thing a bit more. I’ll go crazy and say I’d like to DOUBLE my posting this year. Aim high, right? To help meet my goal I’ve come up with a series idea, I’m going to implement something this year and talk about it on my blog. What will it be? Well, if I string it out into another post I’ll already be 20% complete with meeting my resolution.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even get to use some of those fancy plugins this year.

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