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DevConnections 2008: The Feature/Solution Duo

I had two presentations about deployment with Features and Solutions at DevConnections. One was more around the ‘why’ and the other about the ‘how’ I’ve uploaded both of the slide decks and associated code that was demoed. Most of the code is pretty rough for this, it works in my demo but you probably don’t want to deploy it to your production server. That said, the code will give you a good idea of some potential approaches you can use in your own environment. Feel free to copy/paste whatever you need into your own projects. I’ll be going into some more detail on several of the approaches and samples later, at which point I’ll be releasing a version that is a bit more cleaned up.

Effectively Using Features and Solutions


Packaging Your Advanced SharePoint Customizations



DevConnections 2008: Automating Common Tasks with PowerShell

One session down, two to go! There was a good turnout at today’s session, about half the people had worked with SharePoint, and the other half were new. The audience members had some great questions about using PowerShell and SharePoint.

Below I have a text file with all the commands I entered during the session (thanks ‘get-history’), the script library file that I used for the demo and the slide deck. If you are looking for the IDisposable or the PowerShell web part stuff its not in either of those. I’ll be putting those up in separate posts, the web part because I want to clean i up and IDiposable because I want a little more testing before I unleash it on the world.

I’m also interested in feedback with the SharePointCmds.ps1 file in terms of what is useful and what commands are missing. If people find value in it I’ll maintaining it, extend it and generally make it more useful. Feel free to drop me any comments.

Automating Common Sharepoint Tasks with PowerShell




DevConnections Fall 2008

Its that time again, time for me to double my posts for the year. That can only mean one thing, its DevConnections! I’ve got three sessions this year:

Automating Common SharePoint Tasks with PowerShell
– Wednesday 11:45am in South Seas A&B

Effectively Using Features and Solutions
– Wednesday 4:30pm in South Seas A&B

Packaging Your Advanced SharePoint Customizations
– Thursday 3:00pm in South Seas A&B

I’ll be putting all the slides and content up after the presentations, so if any of these presentations interest you, check back later. If you are at the convention, drop me a note.

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