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PowerShell Remoting has Moved

The PowerShell Remoting project now has a new home on CodePlex. Since GotDotNet is phasing out their workspaces, it was a good time to move the project over to CodePlex. I’m already enjoying the TFS based source control. There is also a good interface to use for bug tracking. Now is also a great time to request a new feature so we can get it into the next release.

Not familiar with the PowerShell Remoting project? PowerShell Remoting is a client/server app that allows you to use PowerShell to connect to another host and issue commands. Think of it as SSH for Windows, only instead of a something like an .rhosts file, you can log in with your domain credentials to skip entering a password. If you have to manage multiple machines, and you like PowerShell, this should probably be in your toolkit.

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