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Announcing Minneapolis Office Developer Interest Group (MODIG)

A new group is starting up in the Twin Cities for developers on the Office platform. This is a great place to go to learn more about developing for both the Office Servers (Sharepoint) and the Office Clients (Word, Excel, Outlook, …) and to network with people working on similar projects. As is important with all groups, it needs a catchy name. So the obvious choice was ‘Minneapolis Office Developer Interest Group’, or maybe not. At least it shortens to the more-easily-pronounceable MODIG.

As a sort of kickoff for the group, this month’s MNSPUG is on understanding what customizations and development opportunities SharePoint 2007 allows. It’ll provide a high level overview of the sorts of things that can be done on the SharePoint platform.

Our first MODIG meeting will cover creating Solutions and Features in SharePoint, discussing some approaches to use them successfully, and plenty of ways to use them unsuccessfully. The meeting will be held at Microsoft’s office in Bloomington at 5:30pm on Feb 21. We’ve got a temporary MODIG site up right now that will be hosting the updated information for the group.



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  1. Bruce February 25th, 2008 10:48 am

    Neil, Raymond, et al,

    I attended the first session and was quite pleased. I hope it continues. And, yes, I would be very interested in getting to the PowerShell stuff eventually.

    In the meantime, and before things get too well established, do you want to consider changing the “M” of MODIG from Minneapolis to Minnesota? I know that a number of the attendees are from “out-state” … do we name the group for those that come, or the place we meet?

    ‘Til next time …

  2. neil February 25th, 2008 10:30 pm


    Glad to hear you liked the session! I’m sure we’ll get to the SharePoint/PowerShell session eventually, doing Custom Fields for next month will be pretty fun as well.

    As for the ‘M’, I actually thought about that quite a bit before going with Minneapolis. My current thoughts are that this way someone from Moorhead, Duluth or Ely can start their own group and not have an existing ‘Minnesota’ group. I’m hoping most people call it ‘MODIG’, then if I change my mind, no one will remember what that pesky M stood for anyway.

    See you in March

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