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DevConnections – PowerShell for SharePoint Developers

My final presentation at SharePoint Connections was the one I’d been looking forward to the most.  I’m a big fan of using PowerShell and SharePoint together, it was great to show a crowd some of the thing they could do.  I’d done a couple hour PowerShell presentations (that always seemed to run long) before, but never with SharePoint.  The challenge this time was to do them both together…in an hour.  I was able to get through everything I’d planned and now I have some more detailed content that didn’t fit into the presentation that I can put into some future posts.

The deck is now uploaded, and as promised, you didn’t miss out if you couldn’t write down all my commands.  Nearly all of the commands are here, incorrect statements and all.  I also have my profile, so you can see how I cheated in my other presentations.

I also made a basic PowerShell Types (ps1xml) file to demonstrate the how to extend familiar types to make them easier to work with.  You can grab the file and use it in your own development environment, though I probably wouldn’t rely on it in production quite yet.  Remember to get it started you need to:

Update-TypeData -prepend JustAddCode.Types.ps1xml

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